Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm covered in glue now. (a.k.a Hey honey! Glad you're home. Look what I did today!)

So the first project in the dining room I tackled was this cute little feature window. (Go here to see the entire finished room)  I felt like it needed something to set it out in the looked so lonely and uninspired in the original room. 

I felt like it put the room off balance or needed more "weight" for lack of a better word.

Here's how it looked before I did anything to it:
Very very PINK and uninspired if you ask me....
At first I thought about making a frame for it to enlarge the look and attempt to make it look like a painting....but seriously, that's far too easy.  Plus, it doesn't really require glue or a giant mess so I had to come up with something else...something different. 

So I was at the fabric store one day looking for inspiration and I stumbled across this beauty!

That's just a small piece of it (yeah kinda forgot to take a picture before I got started....).  Anywho, it's a very light silver mesh fabric and the best part was it's about $3 a yard not even on sale or with a coupon (and you know I used a coupon)

I also knew I would need some sort of trim to finish the edges. Since the window is arched, trimming it with wood or anything normally used would either be expensive or extremely difficult so I opted for this ribbon instead. 

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures while putting the fabric up...mainly because I was covered in glue and I have found int he past that glue and electronics don't mix well.  However, the process is rather simple and the most difficult part was only having two hands when trying to mod podge (Mod Podge is a decoupage glue, there are many different brands and types, but mainly it is a clear drying semi flexible glue) the top of the arch. 

Basically, sand and paint the surface whatever color you want to be the background, I went with the dark chocolate color I was already using on the walls.  Then cut a slightly over-sized piece of your fabric (once the glue dries you can easily trim with a razor).  Use a paintbrush to put down some glue in the first area, then "paint" the fabric onto the glued area and use more glue.  Use the paintbrush to brush out any bubbles or bunches and push the fabric where you want it to be.  

You will want to let the glue dry a bit before moving onto the next section (especially if you are about to do a corner).  This is a perfect time to go peel some dried glue off and have a glass of wine!

Keep on going until the entire surface you want is covered.  Tricky areas like corners and upside down surfaces will take a bit of patience and time, but they DO work eventually...

When the glue is all dry and set, use a razor to trim excess.  Then go ahead and apply the trim with the same method.

More razor trimming after that glue is dry...and if you are anything like me, you will probably need some touch up painting too....

I believe the result is stunning!  So enough of my blah blah blahing, here's some pretty pictures! 

My favorite time of day in this room is when the morning light is coming through this little treasure of a window!

Happy crafting!

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