Saturday, April 6, 2013

I need more storage! (a.k.a My husband thought I was crazy, then he realized I was right.)

Recently we redid our basement, adding shelves for storage and sealing the walls.  Nothing super fancy, but we were able to add much needed storage shelves and open up a crafting area for me to work (my husband also wanted to keep my in-progress crafts off of his workbench...hah! Good luck with that, honey!)

Anyways, as with most crafters, I have a ton of small items and miscellaneous things that I hold onto with the intent of using them for a project some day. I needed some type of solution for limited space to store a lot of stuff and this is what I came up with.
Now, I could have spent quite a bit of money buying a bunch of those plastic drawer thingies, buuuuuttt that's really not how I do things...

I had an old bookcase that I had found on the side of the road one day and somehow managed to get it into my truck and home.  Some of the lower shelves looked like whoever owned it had a dog who enjoyed chewing things quite a lot.  Such a shame too, the bookshelves are solid wood!  

After a minor argument with my husband about it (he thought my idea was crazy at first) I had him help me put some casters on the side and turn it over.  Yeah, it rolls! 

Next, he made me some cardboard drawer inserts, slid them in and TA DA!  I have a huge storage system for my craft supplies.  It rolls easily, but is heavy enough to stay put when I want it to and it even provides me with a bit of extra workspace on top (great for cutting fabric is what I find).

I get quite a rush when I manage to find a solution to a problem re-purposing things I already have.  This was a simple project and I didn't spend insane amounts of time with detail work making it pretty (it will eventually get covered in glitter anyways) nor did I spend a penny! 

What kind of solutions can you find from what you have on hand?

Happy Crafting!

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